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ToT Calendar
Date Job Role
20-09-2023 Retail Sales Associate 
25-09-2023 Retail Trainee Associate 
30-09-2023 Retail Sales Assocaite 
04-10-2023 Retail Departmental Manager 
13-10-2023 Retail Cashier 
19-10-2023 Distributor Salesman
27-10-2023 Retail Sales Assocaite 
02-11-2023 Retail Trainee Associate  
06-11-2023 Retail Store Manager
09-11-2023 Retail Sales Associate
20-11-2023 Retail Team Leader
23-11-2023 Retail Departmental Manager 
29-11-2023 Retail Cashier 
02-12-2023 Retail Sales Associate
09-12-2023 Retail Trainee Associate
15-12-2023 Retail Team Leader  
22-12-2023 Distributor Salesman
27-12-2023 Retail Sales Associate 
ToA Calendar
Date Job Role
25-09-2023 Retail Trainee Associate
05-10-2023 Retail Sales Associate
15-10-2023 Retail Cashier
15-10-2023 Retail Departmental manager
25-10-2023 Distributor Salesman
25-10-2023 Retail Store Manager
05-11-2023 Retail Sales Associate
02-11-2023 Retail Team Leader
06-11-2023 Retail cashier
23-11-2023 Retail Departmental manager
29-11-2023 Retail Sales Associate
02-12-2023 Retail Trainee Associate
09-12-2023 Distributor Salesman
22-12-2023 Retail Sales Associate
27-12-2023 Retail Store Manager

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